We are Freerange

We provide professional services for creative, digital and knowledge businesses.

With partners, we offer meeting room hire, hotdesking and workspace on flexible terms in Carlisle city centre and soon across Cumbria.

We research, design services and host events - growing a creative industries ecosystem from the ground up...


    • Freerange Friday
    • Code Cumbria
    • Creative Cumbria
    • What's the Crack?


    • From £60 PCM


    • For 2-6 people £10 per hour
    • For up to 18 people £25 per hour
    • Up to 45 people £25 per hour
    • Up to 90 people POI

    Meeting Rooms

  • Community

    • Rural Creative Industries
    • Open Source Hardware
    • Digital democracy
    • Makers, Makerspaces, hackspaces and fablabs


    • Things we have tried
    • What We'd still like to try
    • What we have seen work elsewhere


The team

  • Hannah Stewart

    design researcher

    Enjoys burning candles at both ends; runs Freerange. PHD researcher Digital Public Space @CXhub. Research Associate @FmS_RdM. Caffeine chief @codecumbria. Busy.

  • Freerange Bot


    Freerange_bot provides news, events & information from Freerange Industries. We do events, research & services - with & for creative, digital & knowledge companies & people.

  • Ben Wohl


    I work with kids and computers, trying to figure out what the effect of teaching everyone to code might be. PhD student at @HighWireDTC - studying the uk computing curriculum and the digital economy. Dyslexic, tweets may be semi-illiterate.